Kick Doubt To The Curb!

We have a lot coming at us these days. There are energies from other realms and dimensions making their way into our reality, not to mention the huge solar flares and the celestial movements of our angelic families. Our aspects are prodding and poking, and there are major changes and gyrations in mass consciousness as 2012 gets into full swing. To top it all off, there are those crazy, crazy dreams.

We seem to be managing all of this with a respectable degree of grace. By taking a few deep breaths, indulging in a square of chocolate and an occasional glass of red wine, we’re able to cope with just about anything
that comes our way.


There’s always that but.

But, what seems to be tearing us up right now is doubt. DOUBT. I’m so worn down by the word that I can barely type it. I know many other Shaumbra around the world are struggling with it as well because it’s one of the most frequent topics of discussion during our travels. Doubt. That two-headed killjoy monster that lurks at every twist and turn in the path. Doubt has a way of intruding in this new and rapidly changing energy:

• You get a clear and powerful insight… and then a day later Doubt yourself.

• Something really good happens for you… and then you Doubt that you created it.

• You feel into a magnificent,expansive interdimensional energy that sends you into a state of ecstasy… and then Doubt pulls you smack back into the limited 3D.

• You get a very clear message from Adamus or one of the other angelic friends. You even write it down and promise to never Doubt what you received. But the next day, under the influence of Doubt, you think about throwing it away.

• You have an inspiration for a new creation that radiates from deep within you. Suffocated with Doubt, you soon dismiss the whole idea as wishful thinking.

Sound painfully familiar? Did you think you were the only one having these experiences? Not at all. Doubt is so epidemic amongst Shaumbra that it could be labeled a virus. But the question is, why?

I wrote down a few theories the other day but I don’t think they’re very good. So I checked in with Adamus but I’m not sure I was tuned in enough to get a clear message.

Just kidding. But you see how Doubt works?

Doubt comes from the mind. It’s a growling watchdog that’s been trained to protect and inhibit. Its cousins are Guilt and Shame. It quickly chases the sunshine out of an otherwise glorious day, replacing it with gloom and despair.

Doubt cleverly conjures up bad memories of past events. It’s quick to remind us of negative incidents in the past but never, ever reminds us of the positive experiences. It scares us from moving “out of the box” for fear of rejection, ridicule, failure and pain. It acts like an invisible but potentially lethal fence around our dreams and aspirations. It knows precisely when we are coming to the boundaries of our comfort zone so it can threaten us back into submission.

What’s a Shaumbra [lightworker; human; you] to do with all of this Doubt?

It’s simple. First of all, recognize that your Doubt is just mental programming. It’s like a television that's set to only play old horror and drama shows; you can actually tune beyond Doubt into your more enlightened potentials. Doubt draws from the dark side of the past; you can make a conscious choice to imagine into the fulfilling potentials of the future. Doubt manipulates your old aspects; but you, as a sovereign creator, can take a deep breath and transmute Doubt into pure energy to serve what you want to create and experience.

It doesn’t do any good to battle Doubt. That only feeds the monster. The moment that you try to defeat Doubt you get into a mental scuffle. The Mind is Doubt’s turf, where it’s been trained and where it has a long list of successes. You can’t use rationalization with Doubt.

The moment you attempt to apply logic to your Doubting Thoughts you’ll fall into its game. Checkmate, Doubt.

To be free of Doubt is to imagine beyond it. Yes, you’ll still hear it howling in the background, trying to scare you back into submission, but the howling will eventually fade into a distant murmur, one that is hardly a distraction as you venture into new life experiences.

Undoubtedly, Doubt is very present right now because we are moving beyond our limitations. We’re going beyond the mind, into our divine potentials. We have a deep desire to expand out of mass consciousness, old Atlantean programming, social hypnoses, wounded aspects and the Norm. We’re commanding new, creative energies into our lives. We want to fulfill the very reason for choosing to be here in this lifetime – our embodied Sovereignty.

So dear Doubt, you are hereby relegated to the past. You can lurk around in my history’s junkyard waiting for game-on, but you won’t find me picking through my old emotional trash. I choose the new frontiers of my expanding consciousness and my new potentials. You’re now just an impotent ghost of the past.

From Geoffrey Hoppe at Crimson Circle 

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