An Age Old Question: Who Do You Trust?

There's so much controversy these days, so many people stating so many different Truths, that finding THE truth is quite a challenge. Who do you trust?

The group, through Steve Rother at Lightworker have long reminded us that we have moved from the era of "Follow the Leader" to "Follow Your Self".

In the greater scheme of things, it doesn't matter what you think or do or say or don't think or don't do or don't say, it's all perfect, it's all experience, it all leads to expansion. Which is the whole and all-encompassing purpose of life, the Universe, and All That Is.

That said, what helps enormously in making life go smoothly and joyfully is following your own guidance in all matters.

As humans, we each have our own reasons for being on Earth at this time. We each have our own individual piece of the puzzle called Life on Planet Earth. So in that way, while eternally being a part of the whole, we are each separate unto ourselves. But in addition to that singular purpose, we all have something in common by being here at this time. Simply by being encased in this suit called physical human, our mission* is to bring Who We Really Are into this body, and live our lives that way. That is, live our lives from the perspective of our Spirit-being rather than from the old beliefs/attitudes/actions of our Human-being.

That necessarily supposes that we follow our own inner guidance in all matters. All matters. Even if an experience turns out (to our human mind/belief/vision) as a misstep, a mistake, a sin, or a failing. It doesn't matter what other humans - or even our human! - might think about our words or actions, or about us in general. It doesn't matter.

All else aside, following inner guidance is the most important concept for each of us. In doing that, we aren't tempted to judge others for their thoughts, comments, or actions. We aren't them, and we cannot, from the human perspective, know what they are up to. Nor can they, for the same reasons, know what we are up to. For that matter, from the human perspective alone, we can't even know what we ourselves are up to! In listening through our Spirit-heart though, if/when we find ourselves judging self or others, we can choose to perceive differently.

In that light, I find this question/answer from Spirt through John Cali to be yet another great reminder of this all-important concept.

Reader Question: How Do We Know Our True Path?

One of our readers recently asked us that question. Here’s his full question, which I’ve edited slightly:

“How do we know our true path? Our true spiritual teacher? Or who to follow?”

Here’s Spirit’s response.


This is a good question, one we’ve been asked many times over the years.

You’re probably aware of the recent controversies surrounding some of your religious and spiritual teachers — or gurus, as you sometimes call them. Particularly those whose gatherings have not turned out well. (Spirit is referring to the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge ceremony where three people died.)

While we see nothing wrong with following the wisdom of others, especially your highly evolved spiritual leaders, it is of no benefit to you — ever — to replace your own inner wisdom with their wisdom.

There is no right or wrong here. But for each of you there is no higher or better authority than your own inner guidance.

As far as we’re concerned there is only one valid criterion for deciding to follow a particular teacher or guru: Do they encourage you to follow your own spiritual path, and not theirs?

Any teachers who encourage, or coerce, you to rely on them at the cost of denying your own inner wisdom, your own path, are false teachers. True teachers only want you to get to the point where you do not need them.

The only purpose of any teacher is to show you how to find your own path, to become your own teacher. As we said, there is no higher teacher for you than you. There is no higher path for you than the one you have chosen.

Use your teachers only to get clear on what spiritual path is best for you — a path you, not they, have chosen. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, nowhere to go — except within.

The purpose of any teacher is to show you exactly that — it’s all there within you.

~ Spirit through John Cali
To answer my initial question of "Who do you trust?": Why, You yourself of course!

* Note: My comment about "our mission" is more accurately stated as "our opportunity".  Opportunity because each soul incarnate on the planet has given themselves the option of welcoming their Soul Self fully into the body by being here at this time. Not all will choose this. Some souls are not complete with third density reality / duality, and as Earth and Humanity's ascension continues, will pick up their lessons in that level of reality somewhere else. That doesn't mean they can't become complete with it while still here. This is the opportunity. Some of us, in particular those who see themselves as light workers, but all who simply through living their lives ground love and acceptance onto the planet, have a greater interest in waking to the opportunity, and potentially a greater ability to do so.

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