Just Say No to The Doubting Self

My dear friend Danielle Garcia at Intuitive Angels channeled the following message from her spirit guides, following an experience where she questioned a miracle she was experiencing. She describes the event in detail in her blog, My Intuitive Life. To me this message addresses a key roadblock to each of us in our journey toward living in the higher dimensions, something worth examining and putting to rest in our own lives.
Doubt of Self

Dear Ones,

Why is it that you doubt so very much? What purpose does this serve? We watch you insistently, over and over, doubting yourselves; your actions, your reactions, your thoughts, your beliefs...even the very things that are directly in front of you. Can you see how much of your energy is entangled in the negative vibration of doubting self?

When you first come into this world as the purest light, you occupy your infant physical form. A baby knows no doubt. They cry when there is a need to be met and the child fully and completely expects this need to be satisfied. Can you imagine a baby in contemplation, wondering whether or not they should ask for nourishment or to be held? Of course not! They believe and expect that their requirements for a happy life will be filled. Quite the concept!

Doubt is a learned concept that children are taught and that energy grows and deepens into adulthood. There is a large difference between making mistakes and accepting responsibility for one's actions and self-doubt. So much effort has been impressed upon you to apply analysis and logic to each situation that many times your core instincts take a back seat to the diagnostic mind.

And have you realized yet, Dear Ones, that human logic cannot be applied in every experience? A plus B equals C, except when it doesn't.

As vibration and frequency continue to change, so does the evolvement of science and spirit. Science may accelerate and advance far beyond what we've ever dreamed. But the core of spirituality remains the same, and remains forever constant. You ARE a spark of God created in God's likeness and vibration. You ARE deserving of all that is good and right. You ARE a being of light and wondrous soul experiencing life as a human.

God's power does not get stronger as the frequencies change. God is still the same as God was since the creation of time. Your soul is much the same. You are still the same soul you were billions of years ago. Your power has not changed. Your soul is vibrant and strong. It is your choice to choose to experience it as such.

If you all began to tap completely into the energy of your souls, think of the amazing things you could manifest and accomplish! To instinctually live within your spirit is to not only abolish the concept of doubt, but also it is to create heaven upon your Earth.

Miracles are not fairy tales, Dear Ones. They are not cast upon the most deserving by the hands of benevolent masters in the skies. Miracles are man-made because you make them so.
"Miracles are man-made because you make them so." Indeed! You are a magnificent being. No time like the present for each of us to take back our power and say "enough already!" to the doubting self!

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