Do Our Guides Ever Get Disappointed In Us?

The following question and answer come from April and Allen Crawford and Veronica at Inner Whispers. It ties in well with yesterday's message about self doubt. Seems we, in human form, are rather unique in the Universe for our ability to throw guilt and doubt into our vibration. Maybe it's time to give that up. ;)

Do our guides ever get disappointed in us?

I feel there have been many occurrences in my life (especially regarding employment) that smack of help from my guides or loved ones. In almost every situation, I somehow feel I "blew it".

I just have to think that I am letting them down by failing to take full advantage of all the opportunities I have had (and unwittingly squandered).

Thanks for all you do for us!


Dear Chuck,

No, there is never disappointment.

Your guides are very energetic when it comes to your evolvement. Their continued positive energy mingled with yours creates opportunity. They would never mix in a negative vibration for any reason.

Guides are perhaps the most hopeful energies in existence! They never take their "eye" off of the goal, which is your advancement.

Following their example may be a good idea.


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