If you aren't aware of this film, it looks to be a fantastic starting point for a lot of humanity that are just beginning to awaken.

What is Thrive? In the team's own words: "... a feature length film and website whose purpose is simple: To empower a more informed and leveraged movement for global transformation!"

The film isn't being released until 11.11.11, but based on the information I've been receiving from them, and the trailer below, I've every belief that this is a significant step in the direction of the human race taking back our power. In that light, I can't do anything but encourage and support this and similar movements around our world.

Message from the team at Thrive:

Dear Friend,

Wow. It is hard to believe that the moment is almost here.

For more than eight years we have worked diligently to consolidate a lifetime of research into THRIVE - What on Earth Will it Take? a feature length film and website whose purpose is simple: To empower a more informed and leveraged movement for global transformation!

And in two days, at exactly 12:01am PST on 11/11/11 the film will be released into the world.

THRIVE is the culmination of our journey to seek answers to the most critical questions of our time, including:

Is it possible for humans to thrive? And if so, why aren't we?

If nature teaches us anything it is that Life is meant to work. And like every living thing, our purpose is to thrive.

And yet, for the majority of people on the planet, life is not about thriving... It's about surviving, just trying to hang on.

Is this really the best we can do? Did the universe labor for nearly 14 billion years only to bring forth a species that would end up as an enemy to life itself, and to its own Home?

We don't think so.

Like so many of you, we have spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out what happened - what is happening that could account for the staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.

Our research led us to places we never expected to go, revealing surprising discoveries that seemed unrelated at first, but which turned out to be crucially connected, as you'll see.

We came across a code - a pattern in nature that's been embedded in arts and icons throughout the centuries. We believe this code holds the key to a new source of clean, sustainable energy that could completely revolutionize the way all people live.

We came to understand how our economic system is rigged. And we found out what we can do about it.

Our journey revealed ways we can claim our power to create liberating, healthy systems everywhere on Earth!

We have realized that we are not a mistake. We are simply mistaken. We've been blinded to our brilliance, shorn of our strength, ignorant of our genius, unaware of our true power and magnificence.

But all of that ...is about to change.

We encourage you to share this worldwide event with your friends, family and colleagues by forwarding this email notifying them of THRIVE's exciting launch on 11/11/11 in 10 languages. Like you, they won't want to miss this!


Foster, Kimberly and the THRIVE Team*

* Please understand if we are unable to respond to individual emails at this time.

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