The New Empathy

At its lowest vibration empathy is experienced as sympathy, where you are aware of others' powerlessness and this is where your empathic connection is felt. You also believe that by transmuting their energy you raise the earth's vibrations and while this has been one of Lightworkers' roles in the past, it is no longer true for you today. Today, empathy is evolving into powerful connections that allow healing to occur through conscious choice and free will.

Lightworkers hold the fear that the earth will not ascend, that ascension will be stopped or blocked, that some force or energy can prevent ascension from happening. Yet it always happens at some level although it has not yet achieved its full aspects. Remember there are many dimensions in the Universe so ascension is always occurring beyond dimensions you can know or imagine at this time. As empathy evolves so do your human connections and you must choose to connect to others by realizing their power and showing them how they can reconnect to it.
It is not possible to help others heal by showing them their pain - they are already aware of how painful their life is. You can [create a space for them to] heal by showing them their truth, which is that they are powerful, divine beings whose life experience can be shifted through awareness of a more powerful aspect of themselves.

Practice empathy by being your most powerful self and be a mirror of the joy, peace, abundance and love that are available to all when they can learn to seek and find their own truth and find the power within that heals all pain.

~ Archangel Uriel
through Jennifer Hoffman
Uriel Heals


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Indeed, lots to think about. Thanks for stopping by, Andrew.