The Power of Intent

Love this gentle reminder about the power of our intent from Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals .. especially the reminder that every thought has equal value. Which means the thoughts we don't particularly want to manifest have equal value with those we do want to manifest.

What Jennifer doesn't mention is that emotion adds to the power of a thought. And guess what? The thoughts we give the most emotional energy to are generally the ones we don't want to manifest! There's real power in knowing that. Here's what Jennifer had to say.

The Energy of Intention

Once we begin to view ourselves as energetic beings living in an energetic world we can understand the relationship that exists between the soul and the human, which is a mirror of that between heaven and earth. While our focus tends to be fixed on our humanity, because it is what we are aware of, we are a blend of many different energies, which we control through our thoughts. Each thought is an intention, a command we issue to the energy that surrounds us so it can manifest into being.

It is the nature of energy to become, that is its sole purpose. And we are the ones who have the power to command it. In fact, it only responds to us. Imagine being surrounded by a multitude of beings, all focused on you, waiting for you to tell them what to do. That is exactly what we are as humans living in an energetic world. We are surrounded by energy whose only purpose is to do what we ask. And we ask through intention.

Every thought is an intention, a commandment that goes out and is manifested exactly as it is. Does this change the way you view your thoughts? It should because each one is equally powerful and is responded to in the same way. There are no good or bad thoughts, there are only thoughts. There are no good or bad manifestations, as each one depends on our level of vibration, the energetic frequencies we carry and how connected we are to our power and aware of it. The more power we put into our thoughts, the greater the energetic response.

While we focus on using intention as a tool in manifestation, we are not aware that all of our thoughts are part of intention and they all manifest. So the powerless, limiting, self-defeating thought gets as much attention and create as much as the powerful, limitless, self-affirming one. When we have a mixture of thoughts, they tend to cancel each other out and our creation is blocked. What is your intention for your life, success, relationships or love? What are you thinking about them? Each thought is an intention so to create the highest and best outcomes for yourself, remember that each one gets the same response and is going to create in the same way. Choose the ones you really want and that is what you will get.

© Jennifer Hoffman, Uriel Heals

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