Parallel Realities

The following, taken from Suzan Carroll's Parallel Realities Part I, in a channel from her Multi-Dimensions newsletter for February 2011, gives us an important and interesting look into our own - and our planet's - multi-dimensionality. It helps us remember that we are not the one-dimensional creatures that we see through our physical eyes, but so much more, and connected both to each other and to all that is.


Your physical planet is a mental creation. It is a personal creation when viewed through the perception of Personal Consciousness, a collective creation when viewed through Collective Consciousness and a planetary creation through the perception of Planetary Consciousness. Furthermore, your personal, collective and planetary creation is perceived in an entirely different manner through your Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness.

Whenever you expand your consciousness into a new octave, you can perceive and experience more parallel realities of Earth. Therefore, the process of traveling to sixth dimensional Earth is actually the process of expanding your consciousness to encompass that frequency of reality. Below is a message from Kepier, Suzille’s fifth dimensional stepping-stone self, received on 2-12-1997, which best explains parallel realities:

I, Kepier, your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, am able to assist you from my vibration of the fifth dimension. First, however, allow me to explain the difference between “realities” and “dimensions”. Each reality of the many parallel realities has a vertical flow, which streams through all the dimensions. Each dimension also has a horizontal flow, which is specific to the frequency of that reality. Upon the third dimension, each of these parallel realities appear to be totally separate, as one of the main laws of the third dimension is the law of separation.

The Law of Separation

The law of separation was instated upon the conception of the third dimension to separate consciousness into small, single units. This reality was created because consciousness wished to slow itself down and to itemize itself into individual units for the purpose of training through experience. Therefore, one experience at a time was set up so that Consciousness could experience itself in an individualized, polarized, sequential fashion.

In your fifth dimensional reality, you are able to connect any of your parallel realities that you desire to experience. On the sixth dimension, you are able to simultaneously be aware of and consciously live multiple realities in many dimensions, galaxies, planets and “third dimensional times.” I know that this is a difficult concept for your physical brain, but think of it as multi-tasking. For example, imagine that you are doing dishes, eating an apple, talking on the phone, and talking to someone next to you while you look out the window, observing someone walking down the street. Now think of each of these “tasks” as a different reality, and you are living them all at once.

Also, one can experience dimensions in a lower vibration, but can only observe higher dimensions if they raise their consciousness to that frequency. Therefore, you can easily see the second and first dimension, but you have to raise your consciousness to perceive the fourth and fifth dimensions. Your process of ascension begins by raising your consciousness into the vertical parallel realities of the higher dimension to accustom you to that frequency of reality.

When I say I am your expression of SELF on a higher dimensional parallel reality, I mean that I am living a life on a different page than you, but it in the same book. If you were to compare the book to the space-time continuum, you would say that the first pages are the past. Therefore, you feel as though you are remembering the pages you have read and you are creating the pages you have not yet read.

The Book of Life

However, YOU are the creator of the entire book. This book is beyond the limits of space and time, and you are writing this book you with your every thought. With every thought and emotion you write and re-write the book of your myriad expressions of SELF. When you edit one expression of SELF, you change all the expressions of your SELF, for they are all ONE.

As another example, think of your “Book of Life” as having clear pages with images rather than words. These pages are overlays, much as you have seen on your anatomy books. From a horizontal viewpoint you only see one page, which would be only one of your myriad realities. On the other hand, from a vertical perspective you see all of your parallel realities existing within NOW. From this viewpoint you can see how all the “pages” interact and intermingle to create ONE book. If you change anything in any of the images (realities) on any of the pages (dimensions), the entire collective picture (reality) changes as well.

If you were to look down through the pages, you would have the perspective of your higher expressions of SELF looking into the lower frequencies of expression of your SELF. If you looked up into the book, you would have the experience of your third dimensional self looking up into your higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. However, since time and space is an illusion of the third dimension, the above terms of down and up are only used to clarify your image. In reality, all realities are functioning within the NOW of the ONE, and you perceive each parallel reality by adjusting your consciousness to a specific frequency.

In other words, when you change from one reality to another, you are actually changing your consciousness!
(THE RETURN blog post starting on 1-3-11)

Multidimensional Operating System

Third and fourth dimensions are based on the illusion of space-time. All the “files” for these realities are recorded on the Akashic Records that resonate to the highest sub-plane of the fourth dimension. You have the innate ability to have access these Akashic Records, such as is done by the Lemurian, Atlantian and Aghartan societies of Inner Earth. When you active your Multidimensional Operating System, you will be able to gain access to the collective information of the third and forth dimensions stored on the Akashic Records.

However, much of modern day establishments are limited by the Third Dimensional Operating System of thinking, as well as their addiction to old models of reality that place them at the top of the “food chain.” Therefore, it is up to you, the awakened and awakening ones, to download and activate the Multidimensional Operating System. This multidimensional system is the system that is used by the Galactic Federation. Once you download and integrate this system into your consciousness and thinking, we can better communicate with you and you with us.

The writer of this message, whom has been identified as our channel [Suzan Carroll], is not actually channeling us, but instead she is listening to us. She has moved along her path of awakening enough to realize that we are not speaking through her, but actually, speaking to her. On the other hand, she can only perceive her self as talking directly to us when her consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. It is at that resonance of consciousness that the Multidimensional Operating System is activated. All of you have the innate ability to consciously communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. However, while you, our grounded ones, are still functioning within your Third Dimensional Operating System, your mind is limited by the beliefs of your ego/self.

This grounded expression of your Multidimensional SELF does not have adequate SELF-esteem to believe that you are "WE" in a higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, in order to perceive our communications, you have to release your attachment to your human consciousness and allow us to “channel” through you. Eventually, you will be sufficiently awake to be able to listen to our message with your fifth dimensional consciousness and translate it into your linear earth language. This translation is much like translating cuneiform, hieroglyphics or Light Language, because you are translating collective images into individual words.

Soon, you ALL will be awakened enough to listen with your Multidimensional Mind. Your Multidimensional Mind is free of all third dimensional processing issues of linear space and time. Hence, you will be able to receive our messages, which are actually sent to you from a higher expression of your SELF. These communications from higher expressions of SELF will lead you to a full understanding of the manner in which you will fulfill your purpose, as well as guide you to your fifth dimensional stepping-stone life.

The rest of the article takes us on a journey into our personal fifth dimensional space, and can be found here.

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