Focus on Your Self First

As we move further into Unity consciousness, as our consciousness raises and our heart expands, we often find ourselves reaching out to others without first focusing on ourselves and our own needs. Sometimes this can feel like duty or obligation, and as such isn't entirely helpful.

When we find ourselves experiencing life in such a way, the best thing to do is step back and address our own needs first. We are the one - the only one - responsible for meeting our own needs. We have all the help in the multi-verse to do that, but it us who has to accept our responsibility for it, and reach out for that help. And when we do, something magical happens .. we find the energy and the resources to help others easily and joyfully, without the feelings of duty and obligation that have plagued us for lifetimes.

In this month's public channel, taken from a private session with Saint-Germain, Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack at Joy and Clarity tackle that very subject. Following is the Saint-Germain portion of that session, the full session can be found here.

Help Wanted: A Steady Job with Soul Purpose, too.
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
August 21, 2010

The following is part of a Soul Purpose Reading for a client. It includes important astrological information about Soul purpose (here) and a channeled message from Saint-Germain (below).

Dear Saint-Germain, I love the field of health and nutrition which I studied in college, but I hate the place where I'm working. It's a teaching environment, and it just doesn't feel right. I only studied this field to please my parents. I would have preferred something more artistic. Needless to say, I'm too scared to break out on my own now, and I don't have the certification I need to do counseling work. I can't take extra time away from my children to get certified because I'm a single mother. I feel so stuck. To the outside world, I look like a huge success. But inside, I'm falling apart regarding life path. I feel that these conflicts are connected with my over-eating, too. Can you help me? Thanks very much.

Saint-Germain's Message, Channeled by Alexandra:

Greetings, dear friend. I AM Saint-Germain. I am here, along with Alexandra and your spirit guides and friends. We are by your side – ready to talk to you, to greet you, to welcome you, and to encourage you, indeed.

Yes, it IS an important time in your life right now. We know that you’re struggling to get through it, and that you are asking for answers. But before these answers can come to you, I would like to invite you, right now, to stop for a moment and breathe with me. Breathe deeply. I invite you to breathe in life, to breathe in the joy of living, and to welcome whatever is coming your way next.

Yes, my friend. You have told us many times that you feel stuck… that you feel frightened and confused about this situation in your work life. We remind you that you have been seeking comfort and nourishment from your profession and work relationships because you were denied this in the home. There is no blame or judgment in this. It’s just information that you can use to come to a greater understanding of your situation and an eventual healing of it.

We know that you feel stuck and frightened because your work and career are not nurturing you in the way that you need, deep inside. And now, you are turning to the only way you know how to nourish yourself, which is through over-eating foods that give you comfort in some way. And this is one of the main reasons, as you already suspected, for your weight gain. It’s a kind of unconscious compensation. You have gained this weight, because you need to nourish yourself with loving kindness, acceptance, and recognition for the wonderful being that you really are. And because this is not coming from anyone else around you – not from your family, or the people you work with, or those who employ you – this is causing you to fill your need for emotional nurturing with a substitute. And that substitute is physical food.

But now you are beginning to realize that this kind of comfort is not the nurturing that you seek. This comfort is just keeping you in the same place. It's neither the emotional nurturing you would like to receive from others, nor is it the peace that self-love and acceptance would bring to you. Instead, it is the false comfort of continuing along the same path… of continuing with something that is familiar to you, but not really in your higher interest. Not in your Soul's interest. Your Soul is encouraging you to break with this now, and to turn to something better.

It is necessary that you nurture, love, and be kind to yourself now, and that you accept yourself as you really are – a Child of God, and God also. When you are willing to accept the truth of your Core Divinity, then you will find that profound changes start taking place from the depths of your being. These changes take root and begin to seek expression in your outer world, too. And one day, you will realize that you are completely transformed.

I would like to encourage you to take this one step at a time, and not expect immediate relief or results. You are working with a process of profound inner change. If you focus on the goal or end results instead, such as immediate weight loss or greater appreciation from those around you, then you will miss the magic of the transformation. Transformation is about process, not the end results. The outer results will come because you have allowed yourself to fully experience the inner process of change.

Yes, dear friend, engaging this process is a major part of your Soul’s purpose for you now. And it’s something that has been neglected for many years because of the demands that were made upon you by having to serve others, while sacrificing yourself and your interests.

Now you are needing love and attention from your Soul and Higher Self. Your inner child is calling for you to allow this kind of nurturing, love, and attention. This is what it needs now. Pay attention to this inner voice.

We are here by your side, day and night, and we encourage you to put your focus on yourself. Be with yourself first. Then you will discover how your relationships and career will shift. Things will become clearer to you. You will see what nourishes you and what does not. And then you will be able to choose again. Don’t force or push yourself. Just allow your process of inner transformation to take place within the loving shelter of your heart.

This is our message for you today, my dear friend. You can feel encouraged by the changes that are taking place in your life. You've already stepped across the threshold. Take heart and be glad.

We love and encourage you, and we are there in every moment of your life.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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