2012 – what will happen?

There's probably as much speculation about 2012 and the coming days - about what might or might not happen - as there are people to have an opinion. But no matter what the specifics - and specifics are hard to come by as we are creating our future one moment at a time - most lightworkers agree that powerful energies continue to flood into our world, and that as each day passes it becomes more and more crucial that we focus on raising our personal and global consciousness.

On this topic, I found the following from Diana Cooper to be interesting and helpful. I particularly appreciate the Vision Prayer she gives near the end of the article. Note that this article was written in September of 2008, so any predictions given would have been a snapshot of that moment in time, not necessarily true today.

From Diana's Newsletter - September 2008
September 8th, 2008

2012 – what will happen?

As this date approaches more and more people are asking what is going to happen on 21st December, 2012 – and what afterwards.

The moment of 11.11 on the 21st December 2012 marks the end of the 26,000 year outbreath of Brahma or Source. There will be a cosmic moment of silence throughout the universe, during which time anything can happen.

Kumeka [Diana's spirit guide] says that, based on the current consciousness 11% of the population will become enlightened and could ascend at the cosmic moment, most of them choosing to remain in a physical body carrying a higher level of light.

He said that the vast masses at the third dimension had not progressed as hoped and were holding everything back. However, they will be very much affected by the climate of change, depending on the level of mass consciousness. We have important work to do.

The majority of those currently at the fourth dimension will rise to the fifth dimension. Those currently in the fifth dimension may ascend. This will accelerate after 2012.

He adds that another sudden step in consciousness will take place at 11.11 on the 11th November, 2011. At this moment many will become enlightened. Some will open up psychically, which may cause them to panic. These changes may be frightening for the masses, so those who carry more light will be able to help them, acting as beacons and teachers. For those who are ready there is a great deal to be done and many opportunities for accelerated spiritual growth available.

In between 11th November 2011 and 21st December 2012 there is a period of huge opportunity when the gateway to heaven will be open.

After 2012 people will become conscious co-creators and many will have their full psychic and spiritual gifts restored.

Preparing for the cosmic moments

These are divine moments when anything can happen. Miracles and wonders beyond imagining might take place. At this time anything can happen and this is why the ancients could not see beyond this point. We are due a step change in consciousness.

For some time I have been meditating on the best way to help us all to utilise the cosmic moments, 11.11 on 11.11 2011 and 11.11 on 21.12.2012. The latter is the Friday before Christmas 2012. I was walking a labyrinth when Melchizedek, the head of the Melchizedek priesthood, who is overlighting the Diana Cooper School connected with me.

Melchizedek communicated that the most effective way to prepare people to receive the energy would be to offer a prayer, then an 11 minute ohm, to raise everyone’s frequency. This would be followed by a one minute silence during the cosmic moments.

Melchizedek said that the whole world needs to start now building up the energy for that time.

How to use the Law of Prayer

Remember the Law of Prayer, give thanks for what you ask for with faith that it is already granted. First state your request or vision, then express gratitude, knowing that it is already granted.

Vision prayer for 2012

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed,
every child is loved and educated to develop their talents,
where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world justice, equality and fairness rule.
Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear and the air is fresh and clean.
Plants and trees are nurtured and all animals are respected and treated with kindness.
Happiness and laughter prevail
And humans walk hand in hand with angels.

Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom,
courage and humility to do my part to spread the light.
May all the world ascend.
So be it.

If we start to do this alone or in groups, by the time 11.11.2011 and 21.12.2012 arrive there will be a huge build up of light. 12 minutes is possible for everyone and this is suggested as a programme.

Programme for 11th November, 2011 and 21st December 2012

• 10.59 Vision prayer
• 11.0 11 minute ohm
• 11.11 1 minute silence during the cosmic moment

And after this - celebration! When you are celebrating, your thoughts are happy, light and positive and this is what is needed at this time.

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