Finding The Hope Within You

The following message is from Veronica through April Crawford from their newsletter Inner Whispers. The message is one of encouraging us to rekindle our hope, despite how things look momentarily on a personal, community, national, international, or global level. All is well in all of creation, including right here, right now. We just need to keep reminding ourselves of that.
Often in a life one can find a moment where all the energy of creation feels like a void inside. Despair over predicaments and dramas can lead to the inability to create anything productive in a linear sense.

In times of troublesome mass consciousness the individual may simply run out of hope for a better creation with the life.

Dramas can cause blindness to the true capabilities of the soul. Each moment unfolding feeling worse than the last. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the negativity and just give up.

By doing so one merely reinforces the sense of defeat. When one believes they are overcome they will be.

By remaining steadfast to your soulful energy one can regain the hope within and overcome anything.

Be one with your soul choosing to ignore the mass energy that can become overpowering in its negativity.

Instead of getting in the mix of defeat, attempt to break out of the crowd and become individual with your thoughts. One does not have to follow the mass moments of consciousness. One is capable of creating their own stream if they are willing to be bold and just do it.

We realize how intricate physical reality is created. We also know how difficult it is to attempt to break out of the mold and be different. This is especially so at this time in your culture.

Reinvent how you think about yourself and your surroundings. Attempt to change thought patterns that have gotten you to where you are now. Somewhere deep down your hope still exists. Do not allow the exterior to rule the interior of you.

Dig deep and find yourself. Regain your grip on hope. It is a special ingredient in your reality. Add it to your thoughts and allow it to regain its foothold within you.


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