Ask What, Not Why

Every thought has an impact on your ascension journey. Every thought creates an outcome which reflects your energetic vibrations, level of being and dimensional placement. The challenge is to recognize which thoughts are fear-based and decrease your power, replacing them with thoughts that reflect your understanding and increase your power. When you ask 'why' you decrease your power because you see the results of your thinking as being outside of yourself and your power. But when you ask 'what' you are open to greater learning and understanding.

The many skills you have perfected in the course of your lifetimes are what you use to expand your power. Although you forget what occurs in other lifetimes on a mind level, this information is part of your life experiences, the thoughts you have and the situations you create. Your most powerful questions are 'what have I done to create this' and 'what is the purpose in this experience'. From this point you can then ask 'what is the greatest use of my power now'. The answer will lead you to the resolution, a perfect outcome and confirmation of your understanding and transformation.
The above excerpt is taken from Uriel's message Ask What Not Why from Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals.

From my perspective, when we ask "why" the answer is simple: "Because you asked." We may not know how, or when, or why we asked, and it really doesn't matter. "What is the purpose of this experience?" and "What can I do now?" are better questions, because they take our attention away from the guilt, sorrow, blame, or confusion of the past and focus it instead upon positive action moving forward.

We are powerfully served by recognizing - and accepting - that our reality, both individually and globally, is affected by the thoughts that we choose to focus on. As many have been saying for years, we can't control what thoughts enter our mind, but we can control which ones we choose to focus on.

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