Ask the Keepers: Orbs and Extraterrestrials

We each have our own individual beliefs about the existence or non-existence of extra-terrestrial life forms. Some of us have experienced, even interacted with, beings that are not human but yet physical. Others of us question the existence of such beings. Others of us believe firmly that such things do not - cannot - be real. All manner of thought and belief exists, and that is as it should be. But no matter which believe system you have adopted, the following may be of interest to you.

Ask the Keepers is an open forum with the Akashic Records, channeled by Jen Eramith at Akashic Transformation.

From Jen: The current installment [of Ask the Keepers, February 2010] is posted below. A new installment is posted twice each month for public display, but only members [of Akashic Transformation] can submit questions and access the archives for dozens, and eventually hundreds, of questions and answers.

New from the Akashic Records of Orbs and Extraterrestrials

Question: Will human beings ever be able to see extraterrestrials (ET’s)?

Yes. In fact you are already able to see beings from outside this world. “Beings” can be spiritual beings such as angels, so we will use the term “ET’s” to describe actual physical beings or physical manifestations of beings from outside this world. ET’s are currently visible to human beings. The question of whether or not you are able to see them or if you actually do see them depends on you.

Some of you have a contract to work with extraterrestrial life or you have a contract to go through a lesson or personal growth process that will stem from an encounter with an extraterrestrial being. Those of you with these contracts are able to and will see ET’s at the times and in the ways that help you fulfill those contracts.

Many of you do not have these kinds of contracts and do not have any divine purpose for seeing ET’s. It would not serve you to see physical beings, though you will interact with them in the form of spirit. You do this often with angels and other spirit beings. Even if you have the physical ability to see ET’s, you will not see them and you will not cross paths with them unless your higher self determines that it will serve you to do so. In the same way, it is the very same function by which if you are not meant to meet a certain person in this life, you are not going to cross paths with that person.

That being said, every one of you has the mechanical tools needed to be able to see ET’s. Anything that exists physically can be seen optically. But the human mind is brilliant at blocking things out. Many tests have been done to show that one might look at a picture and see something entirely different from what another person sees in the picture. Your vision depends on who you are and how your mind has trained itself to shut out certain information and notice other information. Some of you may actually have an encounter with a physical being from another planet but you do not remember it or you do not register it as real in your mind. Again, there is always a reason for what you experience in this life. Your minds are brilliant for protecting themselves from seeing things that you are not ready to see. Even if you have an encounter with an ET, if you are not ready to deal with the questions the encounter will raise for you about the nature of reality and what is possible in this world, then your mind will block it out. This function is actually a brilliant and very advanced mechanism you have in your minds to protect yourselves.

Question: When will First Contact occur?

This idea of First Contact is one that has been created by people, and we are going to define it here because it has several definitions in your collective consciousness. For the purpose of this answer, First Contact as an event in which all of humanity comes to recognize the physical presence of ET’s on your planet. This is the kind of event that you have seen depicted in movies. It occurs when there are either enough ET’s present and physically seen, or there are enough people who have had encounters and there is enough evidential proof to kind of force the majority of humans to acknowledge the physical presence of extraterrestrials.

There is no scheduled date for the version of First Contact, though it does not appear to be coming any time soon. First Contact will most likely occur not through a large singular event like a spaceship arriving in a massive way that can be documented on television. Instead it is most likely to continue to occur the way it has been occurring which is one by one, as each of you who has a contract to work with ET’s awakens to that contract either by having an encounter or by coming to recognize and honor the fact that ET’s have already been a part of your life.

Your individual contacts with ET’s are beholden to the same rules and dynamics as your contacts with fellow human beings. ET’s can appear as humans or as something other than human. When you encounter an ET, it is only because your higher self and the highest part of that being have agreed to meet. There is always a reason based on your highest ultimate benefit, though that can sometimes come in the form of a challenging experience.

Encounters with ET’s are most often for a benevolent purpose and many of you who have these contracts to work with ET’s will not suddenly meet an “alien.” Instead, you come to realize that some of the people who have been in your life were actually ET’s visiting you from outside this world.

Encounters with ET’s, like human encounters, help you come into a new perspective about the meaning of your life, your relationships, and your choices. What you learn from relationships with ET’s, and ultimately the conclusion you should come to (as you would with any relationship whether it is with a regular human being or an extraterrestrial human being), is to realize a deeper sense of your own power and connection with love and light. Ultimately as a human being in any encounter, you are remembering and reclaiming your power to direct your life and to bring more light into the world.

Again, it is possible for First Contact to occur as a singular, massive event. Right now, however, that is not the plan and therefore there is no timeline scheduled for it. It serves you best not to wait for First Contact, but instead to work in your sphere of influence to bring Love into the world.

Question: Can you give us more information about spiritual orbs? They show up in photographs and some of us can sense their presence. Please tell us who they are, what they want, and what they are doing here.

This is more complex than many of you wish to believe. As we mentioned, many of you are awakening and coming to realize that there are different beings in this world that are not of this Earth. These beings are assisting humanity to evolve toward Love and Light. Sometimes they help by getting in your way, just like people do, but always it is assistance and it is always with your permission.

These beings come in all kinds of different forms. They come in physical forms such as ET’s, but it is far more common for them to come in energetic forms. The energetic forms of beings in this world are incredibly numerous. There are angels, fairies, nature devas and nymphs; there are animal totems and ancestor spirits, spirit guides and protectors. There are so many variations of energetic beings and they are incredibly numerous. Most energetic beings who are here working as spirit guides for humanity, and many of you are awakening to their presence.

This awakening involves redeveloping your six senses (yes, we mean six!) to enable you to interact with these beings in a more conscious way than you ever have before. You have already been interacting with angels and other spirit guides on a subconscious level. Unconsciously, you are constantly in communication with them helping to determine the safest way for you to learn your lessons, always leading you to the right place at the right time to fulfill your destiny. You are constantly in communication at a spirit level.

The awakening that is happening through Enlightenment is bringing many of you to an expanded gift of sight. The connections between your physical eyes and your physical brain are being rewired to enable you to visually see more than you could before. Just like with any new form of sight, at the beginning, it is blurry. It is the way for an infant, and it occurs for you when you are learning to see something that was previously not visible to you. At the beginning those connections between your eyes and your brain are so basic that you cannot make out the subtle or even not-so-subtle differences between different beings that you are encountering.

When human beings capture orbs on film or when you are able to see them or sense them in your presence, what you are seeing or sensing could be one of hundreds of different kinds of beings. It might be an angel, a fairy, a spirit animal, or countless other kind of being. What or who it is depends on what your soul has called to interact with you at that time. What you tend to see is a circular ball of light, because that is the message that your eye is capable of conveying to your brain and that your brain is capable of conceiving in response to what you see. That is the basic image that you are able to process at this beginning stage of expanding your sight.

All of you, as you continue to expand your consciousness, utilize things like faith and intuition. You also utilize logic and reasoning to come to new conclusions about reality. You are going to further develop this connection between your eye and your brain that enables you to see more than you were able to see before. Many of you have done this already and many of you have even graduated to the next step. Some of you are able to see different outlines, colors, and shapes. Some of you are able to see the aura of energy around other human beings. Some of you can differentiate between different kinds of beings, and some of you are able to see the potential for what is to come.

There are many things you are able to see, not just as visualization in your mind, but actually by using your physical eyes and your optic nerves.

Most of you are at the beginning of building this new connection. In this stage, what you see are orbs. People would like to believe that orbs are a single category. That all orbs are the same kind of being, but actually orbs can be your way of seeing an angel or an animal spirit, or any other kind of energetic being. What you will see is an orb because that is what your eye is capable of registering. You will need to listen to your heart and listen to your intuition and use whatever clairvoyance you have to determine what kind of being is there and what message or what energy they are bringing for you.

It is vitally important that you enjoy the period of time when you are seeing orbs. This is a magical new beginning, and the orbs are sign of your progress. They are cause for celebration, and the vision of orbs is meant to bring an experience of joy, love, and excitement. Do not strive to skip past this stage. Just as an infant is curious and delighted with the slow development of shapes and colors, allow yourself the same delight with what you see. Trust that your vision will develop further in perfect timing for you.

Ultimately this should be really fun. Those of you who can see orbs are at the forefront for humanity in developing this new technique. In the past it would have taken many generations for humans to evolve a new capacity for their eyes, but it is actually possible for all of you to develop this in the current generation. That is how quickly you all are moving now. Some of you will develop it more than others and there is no use for judgment. What you see will simply be a matter of what you have been called to do. Have fun! All of the beings you see as orbs are beneficial. They appear as light because they are a manifestation of Light and Love. Have fun, embrace the magic that they are bringing and enjoy this phase of infancy and the magic and mystery in it. It is a delightful time on Planet Earth!

Ask the Keepers was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith MA through Akashic Transformations. Copyright

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