Remind Yourself Why

This little gem comes from Maja at The Smiling Soul.

Such a perfect example of a smiling soul is Maja. Many thanks and much love to you Maja!
You know what you must do. And yet how do you get yourself to do it?

Again and again, remind yourself why. With a strong enough reason why, you will be able to do anything at any time in any circumstance.

If you're tempted to put off a task until later, remind yourself why you truly want to get it done. Put a powerful why behind it, and you'll find a way to do it now.

Real achievement demands many consistent, focused efforts spread over long periods of time. The way to keep it up is to keep it meaningful.

Give your long-term intentions the opportunity to dispel the short-term, momentary urges. With a clear, solid purpose firmly in mind, you'll stay reliably on track.

Whatever you choose to imagine can happen for you. Constantly give your goals a sincere reason why, and you'll bring them steadily to life.

Ralph Marston

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