Beliefs and Creating

It's always been true that we create from our thoughts, or differently put, from that which we focus upon. It's always been true that we create our own reality. It's always been true that our 'negative' thoughts and habits would return to us in some negative way, and very likely return to us magnified. But in the past, the response of our thoughts into manifestation, either for what we want or what we don't want, has been slow. If it was something we wanted, abysmally slow. If it was something we didn't want, so much time had passed that we didn't even know what had caused the negative manifestation. In fact, the process was so slow that the vast majority of mankind was blissfully unaware they were creating their own reality.

Things are different now. We no longer have the luxury of time to intercede for us to soften the blow. But on the flip side, we draw manifestation of our positive desires very quickly! In today's energy, which an entirely new kind of energy (even though we can't 'see' any difference), our thoughts are returning to us as creations faster than ever. Now more than ever is the time to become consciously aware of what we are creating, or potentially creating, and to begin intending our way into the life that we want to live, the type of planet we want to live on, the type of people and attitutdes that we want surrounding us. It's more important than ever to be consciously creating as opposed to creating by default.

A continued thought, over time, becomes a belief. Another way beliefs get created is from thoughts imbued with great emotion, such as when we experience a dramatic event, perhaps an accident, or abuse, or any experience where we were deeply frightened, or perhaps deeply inspired. From such events we often create an instantaneous belief. We automatically follow that belief by continually finding evidence to support it. The more 'evidence'—real or imagined—the stronger the belief becomes. It might end up as what we call a 'core' belief.

A core belief is one that you don't question. It becomes reality for you. Core beliefs aren't seen as beliefs, they are seen as truths. You don't argue with your core beliefs, you are them. If you state something about yourself "I am ... " and people argue with you about it, "oh you are not!" and you always or almost always respond, generally vehemently, in your mind if not out loud, "Yes I am!", you're probably dealing with a core belief.

But no matter how strong or weak a belief is—core beliefs or ones that are not so deeply entrenched—they all originate as a thought. Since all beliefs originate as thought, we can use thought to either break them up, or to simply create new patterns of thought that are stronger than the unwanted belief. Shifting our thoughts allows us to stop focusing creating things we don't want to create in our lives by shifting to things we do want to create.

Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, has a number of helpful suggestions and practices to help us begin breaking up our beliefs, even if we don't realize they are beliefs. Doing that then allow us to create as we consciously wish, not automatically by our unconscious beliefs—unless that which we are creating automatically is what we wish to create!

It takes diligence and it takes some effort, mental and emotional effort, to start creating consciously, through conscious intent. This is the kind of effort we aren't so used to exercising. We are mostly "do-ers" and doing is great! Not much gets created if we don't do something!

But let's examine what we commonly 'do'. Look at the major portion of any day in your life and generate an estimate of how much of that day is following along, doing without even thinking. How much of every day is blindly doing what we've always done simply because we've always done it, not even being aware of how we feel when we do it. Is it 20% of your day? 50%? 90%? more?

It doesn't matter. We are where we are, and where we are is where we start. We start with an intent to start noticing how automatically we do what we do, and we notice that behavior without attaching the typically guilt, shame, upset that we typically add. Begin to notice. Notice just one thing that you do automatically that doesn't serve you. Then make an intent to focus just a few minutes a day on the opposite of what doesn't serve you.

Know that this process is cyclic. You might follow along easily for awhile, noticing and intending, and be very proud of yourself. Then you don't even think about doing the process for awhile, and feel guilty about not doing so. Avoid falling into that trap. If a baby falls down in it's attempts to walk, it doesn't chastise itself for falling, it picks itself up and tries again. That's all we need to do - pick ourselves up and try again.

Here's some information from Jennifer Hoffman of Uriel Heals, with additional information on focus and conscious creation:

Emotional Baggage and Nothing

The energy of the Universe is comprised of nothing, not in the sense that we are all alone because there is nothing else out there, but in the sense of "no thing", it is pure potential waiting to take form. There amount of power at our disposal is beyond our human comprehension because we have unlimited power to manifest anything we want, from any aspect of our life. And we generally choose the aspect that is most obvious to us, our emotional baggage.

Why would we create from our baggage, from our most challenging aspects instead of something more wonderful, fulfilling and life-affirming? Because the ego believes that by focusing on the areas that make us feel powerless we will feel more powerful. So everywhere we have pain, frustration, disappointment, betrayal, anger, or fear is where our focus is. These are the "squeaky wheels" of our life and they get the most attention because we believe that by addressing them, they will go away and the rest of our life will fall into place.

Since energy follows intention, by giving our emotional baggage lots of attention we simply create more of its kind of energy. Instead of feeling more powerful we are powerless because we now have more aspects of our fear to deal with. And then we think the Universe is against us, that all the power of nothing does is create more problems. But to the Universe, power is simply power and it never judges us. Any energy we put out is acted upon and it does not pause to assess whether we are creating what we want.

We can use the power of nothing for our highest potential through detachment, removing our emotional baggage from the creation process. In this moment, is your emotional baggage valid? It is from the past, so its power lies in the past. Because we are at our most powerful in the present moment, our best use of our co-creative abilities is in the present, working with the present moment's energy. This week, be aware of any emotional baggage you are giving attention to, trying to avoid or creating from. Shift your thinking to the present moment because that is your place of greatest potential. Use your co-creative power to create the best, most wonderful, joyous and abundant reality possible.

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