A Comment On End Game

A Comment on End Game

May 3, 2018

Wow. There’s a lot going on in the world as we wind down the old game of “Power Over” and simultaneously begin living the new game of “Self Empowerment”.

Self empowerment is what will lead us to true freedom for all beings. Unity, not division.

In that vein, I’d like to offer a perspective of these “goings on” that you might not have considered:

The media is being played.

If you’re believing what you see in the media, or believing others who are believing what they are seeing in the media, then you’re being played too.

If you could stand back and really see what’s going on - and you can, all truth can be discovered (hiding in plain sight), but you do have to dig for it - you’d realize that the vast majority of what’s playing out in the media is all theatre, all smoke and mirrors. Double and triple meanings to everything. Strategy. Tactics.

All the same tactics long used by the deep state/controllers against humanity are now being used to dismantle the deep state/controllers to free humanity.

Or perhaps better said, by and for humanity to free itself.

This dismantling is for the betterment of ALL, which includes far more than "just" humanity.

But humanity is key. Each human must awaken from the nightmare and claim freedom for themselves. This is happening at a greater and greater pace.

The dismantling of the controllers and controlling systems was requested and agreed upon by some of us at a conscious level, by most at the heart/soul level. But requested and agreed upon it was.

However some .. many .. most? .. of the actors are so lost in their role that they can't see that they're playing a role.

This is the major, if not only, problem making the dismantling so difficult and time-consuming.

The process chosen to do the dismantling allows for a peaceful ending.

A peaceful ending is something that, at the heart and soul level, all beings have asked for and agreed upon.

I wish you could all appreciate that what we’re witnessing is a thing of great beauty.

It’s the greatest story involving mankind ever imagined, and it's playing out in real time.

A real, live-action movie for the masses.

But we don’t always understand what we’re witnessing when we’re witnessing it.

Especially when we’re caught up in the story/movie itself.

Sometimes we have to read a book or watch a movie all the way to the end before we recognize the various plot twists and turns.

Then, when we do finally see those plot twists and turns, we do the V8 head-smack thing and laugh. "How could I not have seen that?? hahahaha"

Believe what you will. What to believe and not believe is always each individual’s choice.

There is no right way or wrong way to experience End Game.

We’re each experiencing it in our own personal and unique way.

But there is great appreciation, great excitement, and great joy to be had when you can stand apart from the hysteria and start connecting the dots.

The dots are hiding in plain sight. You can find them if you wish to find them.

These truly are the most exciting and fun times to be alive!

Try not to get caught up in the drama, unless drama is what you seek.

If it is, then enjoy the drama!

If not, then just enjoy the show!

Catch you on the flip side! 💙 ~k

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