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Fom Lauren Gorgo's 5D Report for March 2018:

"Your place in duality concludes when you no longer feel connected to/interested in the story of your own wounding or the wounding of others… when you no longer relate to suffering from a personal vantage point."

"... when this moment arrives... and it will..." (as Lauren continues in 5D Report, below) ... we finally discover our ability to both be in the game and outside of it at the same time. No longer do negative past experiences bring forward the negative emotion that they once did. We remember events, but no longer feel the negative emotions previously associated with those events.

Interestingly, recall of positive experiences often now brings forward even greater positive emotion than they did at the time of our initial experience. We may find ourselves being touched in ways we never thought possible. Some of these emotions can be overpowering, where we find ourself in tears without knowing or understanding why. These changes can be very confusing to our human!

Not that we won't continue to experience this physical life as a human, because we will. We simply experience our human life in a different way - attached and not attached at the same time. And sometimes still, completely attached. *sigh* We're remembering our mastery, and when we forget, our unconscious automaticity takes over.

When we find ourself overcome with some negative emotion (upset, fear, anger, hatred, loathing, etc.) we know that it's our human reacting, not our true self. When we realize this, all there is to do is find our center and remind ourselves that these reactions are coming from our human aspect, in response to our own self-programming; programming created from the uncountable number of choices that we made when we either weren't aware we were choosing, or because we made the best choice we could without knowing that other choices were possible. Many of those unconsciously-made choices no longer serve us. It's time to release them.

For the rest of our journey as physical beings we'll practice, and continue to practice, participating in our experience as our physical aspect, yet observing those experiences from the greater perspective of our true self's awareness and knowingness. This is what some call "Triality."

The move from human duality to human triality is you (human aspect) connecting with You (true self), and bringing together all aspects of You that You cast off from You in order to experience separation and duality. The human that you currently identify as "you" is but one aspect of many (many!) beings, all of which are You.

Never forget that as an aspect of Source, free will is your birthright. It is the birthright of each and every being in all of Source's universe, despite how our human aspect might feel about it. This truth was hidden from us. Actually it was agreed to by us. We each, as our true self, agreed to forget in order to experience having forgotten.

The game itself was to experience separation and duality. Some say that what started out as a game of separation and duality, at some point devolved into a wager, but that's a story for another time. Point being, the end point of the game was to remember ... to remember the fullness of who we are (our true self) and to once again stand in our power as equal aspects of Source. End game is here. All there is to do now is to continue to remember, and for each of us / all of us to participate in our experiences from that place of knowingness.

For anyone who hasn't already begun to experience their physical life in this way, much awaits! If you have/are, you'll know that (currently) there aren't many who understand you or You or your perspective(s). You may begin to feel alienated and alone (more than likely you've felt this way most of, if not all of, your life). Be the helping hand that helps others to remember their true beingness also, so that we may all leave this game behind and begin playing together in the next game ... whatever we determine that to be!

And with that, here's Lauren:

Amnesty Granted: the great reconciliation

By Lauren Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart

March 22, 2018

Out of the eclipses, thru the equinox, and into Mercury retrograde we go! ... As of today… Mercury’s station... we are officially beginning the extensive mental calibration needed to meet the newly calibrated Heart. According to my Sources, this is the “big event” of the spring (in the north) which will then be followed by an important physical body calibration that will span the entire summer season (winter in south).

For the next several weeks we will be fully integrating the new human Heartmind, the true vehicle for co-creation (with the Divine Mind) and the mechanism needed to transcend the workings of the lower human experience…all so that we can fully engage with the higher realms of Creation.

The Heartmind is the interface between the earth and divine realms, our communication portal to “beyond the veil”. It is created out of the synthesis of our male/female polarities, enabling us to anchor into the unity matrix and secure our position on the 5th dimensional earth…i.e., it’s a major component of the new human processor.

It is thru the activation of the Heartmind that we leave behind the (causal) world of constant karmic recycling and move into the unified world of reconnection with all that IS.

The season aheads heralds the official beginning of a brand new world, one where our sovereignty reigns supreme. As we exit the matrix of separation, so too do we call back the separated soul parts we fragmented to exist there.

In order to restructure our second life based on the whole of who are we can no longer divide or separate ourselves from our truth (read: give any part of ourselves away), and so recollection will be an ongoing theme this year as we literally recollect the parts of ourselves that we gave away (primarily to others) in causality.

This process of radical defragmentation is necessary to restore our ourcellves to completeness and it will demand that we hold to our authentic truth at all costs…while we watch the world and those around us transform…without bending, reaching, conforming, and/or stepping outside of ourSelves.

For those on the path of mastery, you may actually be noticing that much of your debt (polarity) is already deemed resolved by the karmic boards, but that your standards for excellence are exceeding the need for that resolution. Striving for impeccability is so ingrained, so deeply rooted within the DNA of the Initiates of the Sacred Orders of Ascension (more on that in section below), that some are having to pull back now…to reassess our standing and to notice if our efforts are in vain, if we are over-striving.

The settlement of karmic debt ensures that the road will rise to meet us, but not if we are still defending our position in polarity. Your place in duality concludes when you no longer feel connected to/interested in the story of your own wounding or the wounding of others… when you no longer relate to suffering from a personal vantage point.

When this moment arrives… and it will… it’s time to saddle up, collect the pieces of your past, and move on completely. It’s not as straightforward as it sounds, but if you are sensing this resolution within…and not everyone is (just yet)…the work is now to release any feelings of obligation to over-identify with the suffering of others or to overachieve in your karmic responsibilities, and to simply, wholeheartedly embody your Truth instead.

Our karmic covenant has ended which means we are free to stop fighting, forcing and demanding that the divine Feminine find her place on this planet…ergo, we no longer need to defend our position in life as light bearing beings.

We have already earned it, we have already won.

Time to create anew.

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