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Out of the Box

Morning Messages - Message 82

Peggy Black and the team

The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. Humans travel from one dimension to another many times a day. If it is not within their belief system, they are not aware of this and will not recognize this happening. For them it does not exist.

You only see what you believe. Your reality matches your beliefs. That's the tricky part. You look out at your reality and see a certain experience. You see it--it looks real, feels real, and others agree that it's real. Therefore, it must be real.

You continue to gather proof of its realness. You even write books about its realness. You have organizations around its realness. You fight for its realness. It is only real because you are operating in a frequency or belief that makes it real. This is what is termed a locked down reality. Everything strengthens the illusion and strengthens the beliefs of the illusionary realness.

The key is to begin to stretch your beliefs, stretch your knowing. You have a term that is excellent which invites this stretch--Think out of the box.

Notice when your experiences feel limiting. Notice when you are thinking thoughts that do not empower you. Notice when you feel shut down. Notice when you long for more yet feel trapped. Notice when you sense there is something more that could unfold. When that is happening you are touching the sides of your limitation box.

At those moments you can shift the frequency, you can shift your mental vibration and begin to allow another reality to emerge; practice stretching, expanding your way of viewing events. Practice a visualization of being above the events or just outside the event. Change your perspective, your viewpoint, just a little.

Allow the sides of your belief box to expand to include something slightly different, slightly new, something that you "normally" would not even consider a possibility because it would be too far out, too unreal. Remember you see what you believe.

Making connections with other dimensions is just a matter of stepping out of the box, the limited mental or emotional box. It is vibrating at a higher frequency, stepping out of old, limited beliefs and welcoming the awareness of your multidimensional starself.

Allow a softening, a merging of the dimensions, a flow, gentle and smooth shifting frequency and vibration. The golden key is conscious practice of vibrating joy, gratitude and appreciation, moment to moment to moment. These are high frequency vibrations; they allow your box of limited thinking to disappear.

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