As We Shift - by Sophia

Below, Sophia Love outlines a process for speeding up our perception, and therefore creation, of Nova Earth - in fact all that we wish to experience in our physical reality. I wholeheartedly agree with this process, because it works. Try it and see for yourself.
As We Shift - 5 Steps to Speed It Up

By Sophia Love, from her blog
January 19, 2016

What is clear in this process of expansion is the effect of our contribution. There are no insignificant acts. Acts of love or loss, peace or anxiety, resignation or expectation, are productive. We are creative. This is not a reactionary term. Creation is action.

If you “get” nothing else, get this; you are a consistently creative being. As the frequency increases, your ability to utilize the available range expands with it. Appreciate what you now have in your toolkit, and utilize it. This will bring about a more rapid pace for “mainstream disclosure” and yield a quicker transformation for us all.

We are the ones engineering this shift. We’ve equipped ourselves with some mighty “horse power”, yet just because its there doesn’t mean things will change with increased speed. It has to be turned on and pointed in the right direction.

So how do we turn it on?
  1. See what needs to transform. This is the stimulus. The uncomfortable moment. The criminal activity you now KNOW is criminal. The abusive event. The unfairness. The corruption. The illness. The untruth.
  2. Design the new version. All creative juices come into play here. Your imagination is the fuel. “Absent Limit” is the parameter.
  3. Gather the necessary elements. These are your cheering squads. Your comrades. Your family. Your healers. Your teachers. Your toolkit.
  4. Hold the vision. Your primary work is this step. Ignore the naysayers and alternate visions. “Refuse to observe any casualties, while at your heart, continue to sing, “Let there be light”.”
  5. Allow it to manifest. Let it go now. Do not dwell or worry or wonder. Any emotions other than expectation and joy slow the process.
We’ve heard this before. What’s different now is the energy. It is ripe for creation. The key element is you.

We are entering the moment we’ve all prepped for. John (here) describes beautifully what it is we do, as does Suzanne, (here). These are dense subjects; data heavy. Yet they confirm wisdom we’ve heard for years.

Perhaps now, with expanded consciousness, we can fully grasp and utilize it:

See the change you desire.

Expect it.

Put nothing else before it.

Live it.

This experiment is ending, of that there is no doubt. It can end slowly, which helps only the controllers (1%) as they amass as much wealth as possible before the end (while we continue to watch them). It can end quickly, giving us the benefit NOW in all arenas of abundance and life (while they quickly exit). Demand an end now. Stretching this out until a specified “date” only harvests our hope. IT DOES NOT BENEFIT MANKIND IN ANY WAY.

In whatever method you have at your disposal, refuse to observe any casualty. Let your heart sing sovereignty, prosperity, abundance, vitality, freedom, peace. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,


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