Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

By Suzanne Baker Hogan

March 23, 2015

Posted on Golden Age of Gaia

In the last twenty-four hours, I have heard the words, “hiding in plain sight” three times. Synchronicity makes a human notice.

Why am I being shown this concept? Because hiding in plain sight is exactly what lightworkers are doing.

At this moment, countless lightworkers are strategically placed across the globe, ready to awaken the wider world. We are living amidst the sleeping population, placed in prime positions to help the collective ascend.

Just think about it. Lightworkers walk amongst every culture in every town, in every age group. Consider the brilliance of this strategy. Each family has its own lightworker, often a non-conformist who feels misunderstood. This person is directly tied to every relative and is helping each member of the family, whether they realize it or not.

Each work-place has its lightworkers too, as does every communal hub. It is the same in every corner of the planet, in every neighborhood and land. We are beacons of light, and we are absolutely everywhere, working patiently and aware.

The plan is genius, and our souls have orchestrated it perfectly. We are hiding in plain sight.

We lightworkers have infiltrated the masses and remembered everything we need to know. We have remembered the LOVE that conditioning kept us from, and now we are sharing the divine truth.

And we are doing so not just through language but energetically, just by being here – just by holding unconditional love. We have worked tirelessly to clear our beings so that we can embody the fifth dimension here.

As each of us integrates the fifth dimension within ourselves, we help everyone else to do the same. As each person awakens, we stand ready to assist them and free humanity. And we do so regardless of appearances. Because even if people are unaware intellectually, energetically we are paving their way home.

As a lightworker, the trick is to not give a damn what anyone else thinks. We must serve the greater cause and not get held back by conditioning. This can be quite tricky because we have put ourselves in the center of chaos instead of staying safe along the periphery.

And we have done so because this is how we affect change. This is how we reach hearts. And it is bravery incarnate.

And so, we carry LOVE wherever we go, though few around us understand what we do. They may not even notice our efforts! In fact, they often treat us like fools.

But looking foolish has its advantages. Indeed, it is a clever gift in disguise. If we aren’t taken seriously then we get to work unimpeded. You see, while the sleeping are busy discounting us, they remain distracted and non-threatening.

This allows us to forge ahead undetected. Being misunderstood lets us serve as effective rebels with the noblest cause. It turns out that crazy is the best cloak for freeing this conditioned world.

Of course, hiding in plain sight is not easy for sensitive souls. It asks that we sacrifice so much and exhaust ourselves with work. On a daily basis, this means that we have to keep grounding the fifth dimension without getting bogged down by the third. But mastery is at our fingertips, as is joy! And right now, I can feel our wildest dreams beginning to come true.

Things are coming to fruition at last. For each of us this means that we are fulfilling our soul’s desire to integrate higher energies into our human selves. With this power, we will manifest our New Earth.

We lightworkers have spent lifetimes preparing for this time – probably millennia for many of us. Now, our preparations are done, the mission is at hand, and it is absolutely assured. Now is your time. Can you feel your soul guiding your every move?

And with your soul in charge, anything is possible. You have a power so benevolent and strong that you can change this reality into unconditional love. You can bring heaven to our beloved, generous earth.

Yes, you are the bridge between heaven and earth. This is your sacred job, and you are not alone. You are joined by legions of fellow lightworkers, and you are receiving endless support from above. Our allies are hiding in the skies, but you are a secret agent on the ground. You are a rebel leader, headquartered in the thick of it all, helping us to ascend.

The truth is that you are a master rediscovering yourself, fulfilling your greatest dreams. And you are exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time. And you will fulfill your mission perfectly because you are hiding in plain sight.

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