Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven't Met Yet

In the video below, photographer Richard Renaldi proves that strangers are only friends you haven't met yet.

Regarding that, at one point in my life I realized that I'd never met an individual I didn't like. That is, what I noticed is that when you take a person out of their normal environment, the one where we're all actors on a stage, and converse with them one on one about subjects they enjoy, subjects that light up their heart, or about subjects that touch them deeply, especially if they are emotionally distraught, each and every individual is wonderful. No exceptions. It doesn't matter what the individual has done or not done, what religion they are, what color they are, what age they are, or what their beliefs are. Fundamentally we are all the same. Renaldi seems to have found the same to be true, that fundamentally we are all the same, with the same basic wants and desires - to feel good and enjoy life together.

Notice in the video that Renaldi doesn't just get strangers to stand together, he has them touch each other in some way. Touch is so important! It really does break down barriers. But I noticed something else in my dealings with people - we can touch people with our eyes. And that by doing so often we can break through enough barriers that even full on strangers will allow themselves to be touched physically. Even just a loving light touch on an arm does wonders. Try it!

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SELDTUaHRxQ

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