Your Contribution Matters

The following short question/answer from Veronica through April and Allen Crawford at Inner Whispers is an important reminder that you, simply in your happiness, appreciation, love, peacefulness, and joy, add more to the increased levels of consciousness than you can ever imagine.


Are there any enlightened souls on earth at this time?

Can you tell who they are, or how to recognize them?


Kathy from Texas

Dear Kathy,

Yes there are many enlightened souls on the planet with hope of supporting the consciousness raising that is occurring.

It is not important to identify them. Their energy is one of subtle positiveness that transcends the need for recognition. Know that their focus is one of support, unconditional love and awareness. Something that is very needed at this time in your environment.

In other words, you matter, and your contribution matters, whether you can see the result of that contribution or not. Take a moment to appreciate yourself for being here at this moment in time, and for simply being You. You rock!

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