2012: The Year of Love

The earth that you once knew is no longer…there is a new vibrational pattern that has permeated the blueprint of the planet and you now exist as members of the galactic community, cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy.

- Pleiadian High Council*
The new blueprint of earth requires LOVE now more than ever, and for those who hear the call, the impacts will be greatly lessened. For those who refuse the call, the impacts will be greater. We say this not to elicit fear, but to remind each of you that true healing is possible now but requires the firm commitment to release all that is not LOVE. For those who have been dedicated to the work of releasing these patterns of fear, unprecedented openings are before you.

- Pleiadian High Council*
We would say that these energies are coming to uplift humanity in certain sectors, and to equally dismantle corruption in others. The way for each of you lies in the choices presented to you now…how you choose will determine the path of your soul in the coming year. Choosing LOVE over fear is the only path to redemption.

- Pleiadian High Council*
The coming calendar year, the greatly anticipated year of 2012, is a monumental breakthrough in what we term, planetary consciousness. By this we mean that those who have laid the plan for a new earth have far exceeded our expectations. Because of this, what is coming to pass is much grander, much more comprehensive and more delightful than even we imagined.

- Pleiadian High Council*
Pretty awesome stuff! Time to congratulate - and thank! - yourself for being here and being a part of the change. Their admonition of love reminds me of something that touched me deeply some time ago:
Definition of unconditional love: The choice to see the divinity in all beings.

~ Chief Joseph through John Cali
The group, through Steve Rother at Lightworker, likes to encourage us to spread love through seeing the highest version of everyone we come in contact with, rather than the image that presents itself to us in any given moment in time.

The way I see it, they're all saying the same things using different examples, different words, and different means of expression. In other words, the time is NOW to release all fears and allow the opposite of fear - which is universal love - to fill your being. No matter how good it gets, it just keeps getting better and better!

Read more on this very exciting subject from the Pleiadian High Council and Loren Gorgo on Loren's website.

* The Pleiadian High Council through Loren Gorgo at Think with Your Heart

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