The Movie of Your Life and The Law of Reflection

Your external world is simply the movie screen of your internal journey.

~ The Eloheim through Veronica Torres

I find this a fascinating way to view the concept of the "mirror" that the external world brings to us through our experiences.

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective through Wendy Kennedy explains this idea using The Law of Reflection (Law of Reflection audio, June 2010). It starts with the understanding that each of us has a unique vibration, a unique signature that all of our thoughts, beliefs, expectations add to. If you know anything about carrier waves, you can think of your personal "base" vibration in the same way.

Paraphrasing the Ps (as Wendy lovingly refers to the Pleiadian Collective), here's what happens:

As we have thoughts, dreams, hopes, expectations, and/or fears, anxieties, upsets, angers, etc., we "pulse out" our unique frequency combined with these other frequencies. As those frequencies pulse out from each of us, the Universe responds back with a reflection that is a vibrational match - that's where the Law of Attraction comes in. It doesn't matter whether those frequencies are generated consciously or unconsciously, we are always generating this energy field and the Universe is always responding to it.

Each experience is a refection, and all the experiences/reflections combined comprise the movie. In essence, as the Eloheim so eloquently remind us, "the movie of your internal life is always playing out on the screen of your external world". That's A Good Thing™ because it allows each of us to see what we're pulsing out by looking at the experiences that we're having. Armed with that information, if we don't like what we see we can change it!

So the goal, if we want to create the kind of personal reality (life) that we individualy wish to create .. and the kind of joint reality (world) that we wish to create together .. is to continue to be conscious of what we're creating by watching what shows up, rather than creating unconsciously or, as Abraham says "by default."

Consciously being aware of what we're experiencing - and if an experience doesn't please us, choosing to experience it in a different way - is what the journey is all about. Through our continued choices we shift the movie internally, and shifting it internally causes the external representation of it to shift as well.

You might think of it this way: You're the writer, director, actor and producer of the movie of your life. You're also the guy in the cutting room, so you can make the movie of your life come together however you like. If you don't like a portion of the movie after you've seen it on the screen, leave that portion on the cutting room floor. It's your movie, and you don't have to continue to "include" anything in the film that you don't choose!

If you want to carry the analogy a bit further, you might think of your Soul (Higher Self / Inner Being if you prefer) as the creative consultant to your movie. Staying in contact with your creative consultant can result in your movie living up to its full and complete potential .. and being a heck of a lot more fun too! ;)

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