Tell Not Your Children

Tell not your children that they are imperfect and must strive to be better.

Tell your children that they are free to follow their hearts desire, that the world is their playground, that there is no reason they need to choose suffering, and that the purpose of their lives is to love all aspects of its experience.

~ Story Waters
If the greatest gift we can give another is our own happiness, surely greatest gift we can give the planet is our children. Not just the ones born to us or in our family, but all the children, everywhere.

Children remind us that we too, were innocent once. Free to love fully and without reservation, free of the push and shove of life, free of obligation, free of commitment, free of worry, free of strife. And they are so wise! We can learn a lot from our children, about simply being, loving, enjoying our own lives, and appreciating the same in those around us.

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