Death of the Victim

No-one can deny that the energies are increasing in intensity faster than ever before. From one moment to the next things are shifting and changing, forcing us in many instances to adjust our perception, therefore, altering our truth. This is necessary in order for us to keep up with the massive changes currently underway. For years the Masters have spoken about this time of change, and now more than ever we have to grow with the flow, like it or not, ready or not!

With quantum physics revealing so much to us, it has become imperative for us to understand how big an influence the little things have on us. The impact is colossal. ... The time is now for us to apply the laws of quantum physics in order to become, understand, and most importantly, perform as the master alchemists we are told we are - hidden beneath all the human conscious, subconscious, and unconscious grunge of course.

We are being asked to step up to the plate and perform by putting what we have learned into practice. It is a critical turning point right now, a turning point which will not only reveal to us the depth of our inherent power, but also the depth of the powerful connection we have to nature, and all things. This is how we influence, and are influenced by life. Quantum Physics states that everything is possible until the observer makes a choice as to where energy will be focused, at which time the possibility, or potential, then becomes a reality. We know this is happening at a sub atomic level, which means we have to be ultra-aware of where our energy is focused. Perhaps it is Quantum Physics which holds the key to understanding the truth about whether free will truly does, or doesn't exist.

That said, it is clearly evident that the level of consciousness of the observer influencing their perception at any one given moment, results in many avenues of potential "falling away", or, collapsing so to speak, and only one becoming the reality. The quality of the reality content becomes manifest based on the observers perspective, attitudes, belief systems etc. Therefore, if one's consciousness is toxic, it doesn't matter how many wonderful possibilities exist in the quantum field, the observer will generally opt for the choice they are energetically, or on a consciousness level, most familiar with, i.e focus their energy on what they are familiar/comfortable/programmed with, and never forgetting that consciousness is individual, therefore, limited by it's level of awareness/experience.

What this means is that we as enlightened beings now need to become QUANTUMLY more self-aware, and conscious, in order to make full use of the many potentials available to us. By elevating our awareness of self, as observers, we are able to change our reality on a quantum level, and when things are changed on a sub-atomic level, everything changes.

This is an incredible time of growth and change for all of us! The thing that strikes me the most is that this affords us the opportunity to enter the scientific realm of our consciousness, knowing full well, that by being quantumly aware, we are speeding up the process for ourselves, and that these micro-cosmic steps make up the macro-cosmic journey toward incredible individual and collective change and empowerment, therefore, ascension.

Thus, for arguments sake, let's completely accept that free will DOES in fact exist and operates outside space time. This means you HAVE A CHOICE, right now, as to how your current level of consciousness, and perceptions, are going to determine your experience in the future. You are programming yourself on a sub-atomic level right now.

What are you programming yourself with? It is currently impossible for us to be 100% positive in every moment of life, however, we do have the power to change our range of perception and the quality of our focus. This is done through self-knowledge, self-awareness etc.

We can only truly know our world through knowing who we are, therefore, if we don't know ourselves we will never be able to gain an understanding of our external world and how it is impacting upon us, and vice versa. This means we are really not making much progress at all in terms of aiming to become truly liberated souls who have risen above our fate and met the fullness of our destiny. There is no other way. And if we are serious about changing the world we currently experience as reality, then we have some serious work to do with ourselves. This is the death of the victim and the resurrection of the victor. Bottom line is, are you in or are you out? No sitting on the fence, there is NO MORE time.

Because matter is a derivative from consciousness, we can now see beyond a shadow of a doubt that the level and quality of our consciousness is the key ingredient in determining the quality of our lives and the world we live in. Therefore, regardless of our circumstances, we now need to put all the theory we have learnt into practice and live our best life ever, and believe in it!

Another important fact to bear in mind when considering quantum physics, and how to use this science consciously, is that it is volatile. By this I mean, we don't really know how the outcome is going to manifest, this is often determined by many unseen and unknown factors, let's in this case call it our fate/destiny playing out. This is one of the reasons why we are encouraged to stay focused in the moment, creating in the moment, allowing the rest to take care of itself. Although we are working with ourselves quantumly, we need to be aware of the fact that we don't see the bigger picture because of our limited ability to experience the fullness of consciousness in it's entirety. It takes wisdom and faith to let go and let God, but the reward is well worth it.

~ Michelle Eloff, The Lightweaver

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